LumaDent Headlights are not your normal LED dental headlights. Containing an advanced, custom-made optical lens, and one of the smallest LED headlamps on the market, LumaDent provides you with the complete solution to illuminate the oral cavity.

LumaDent was formed by the need to equip Dr. Duong Ton’s dental staff with better quality lighting at a lower cost. In 2009, the dental office was in the middle of upgrading after noticing the need to replace the aging overhead lights with ceiling-mount TVs. With this project in the works, all 10 staff members then resorted to using headlights to continue their work. At that time, many of the headlights on the market were big and quite expensive at about $1000 each.


As most of you know, this blog is run by Lanmark360, a full service healthcare marketing agency that’s been engulfed in the dental arena for 35 years. Two things in life always seem to get this crowd excited, and that’s creativity and dentistry.

When we came across these Pantone toothbrushes that so clearly combine the two, it would have taken an army to stop us from purchasing them and sharing them with our Dental Geek community. After all, Pantone® is THE color authority and the reason we’ve been able to provide accurate color communication to our clients for 35 years.


Dental professionals are very excited because scientists have found that our teeth contain valuable stem cells that, if properly stored, could potentially hold the cure to a number of diseases, like Parkinson’s, diabetes, and cancer, and with the future potential to help heal spinal cord injuries, as well.

Stem cell research has been immersed in controversy over the years for many reasons, with the main issues including the following: